30 Minute Therapy Session


A 30 minute session tailored to your specific need. A 30 minute session is good for stress reduction and relaxation.

45 Minute Therapy Session


A 45 minute session is perfect for when you need a little more than the 30 minute session offers. It allows for more focus on a specific problem area you may have or just more time to relax and de-stress.

60 Minute Basic Therapy Session


A 60 minute session is perfect after a long work-out or one of those days where your body needs the extra work and attention for those tight, achy muscles. Focus is more on deep gliding strokes for relaxation and relief of muscle tension.

Exfoliating Sugar Foot and Back Scrub

$10 Added To Your Session

Warm towels and an exfoliating scrub relieve tired achy feet and help to remove dead skin, while also nourishing the skin with natural ingredients. Also helps tired, aching legs feel revived and refreshed. A wonderful enhancement to end your massage session.

Head-Neck-Shoulder & Back


30 Minute massage with specific focus on head, neck, shoulders and back. This massage offers specific focus to those troublesome areas caused by driving, long hours at the computer or other activities that affect your neck and back, causing stiffness and achy muscles.

Leg and Foot


The Leg and Foot massage is 30 minutes dedicated to the muscles and trigger points found in the legs and feet. Runners, sports players and those who stand on their feet most of the day will benefit from massage with focus on these areas.

Golf Ball Massage

Now offering GOLF BALL massage!!
A deep massage with the added benefit of deep kneading techniques using a golf ball and the SPAball Kaddy™ in specific areas. Smooth, relaxing, AND Therapeutic. Great massage if you never seem to get enough pressure in those trouble spots.
Available For Any Of The Above Services

One of the best gifts you can give someone is the gift of a massage therapy session. With the growth in the levels of stress and long hours of work, massage therapy is becoming very popular and common.  A gift certificate is perfect for that hard to buy for person, for the hard-working person with sore, achy muscles, or just for that person who needs to relax and unwind.

Synergy Heat Wave Massage


SYNERGY hot stones with Radiant Heat add the 3rd Dimension of Sensation that affects the millions of Thermal Receptors against the skin and even over clothes. Soothing Heat energy radiates from the Stones into the skin, muscles, fascia and circulation with a calming yet healing effect to create a multi-sensational experience for your body. During massage, you want to relax 110%.  By adding in Heat Wave, all 3 major sensory systems are affected at once taking you to a deeper state of relaxation than ever before.